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[ Oct 10 06 : 1:03pm ]
october's been pretty nice... he's majoring in human rights.

[ Aug 3 06 : 11:24pm ]
he's so awesome it fucking blows my mind.

666 the number of the beast! [ Jun 6 06 : 12:25pm ]
best 666 BBQ. listened to maiden. ate ice cream. bike rides. good friends. spray painted pentagrams on mattresses. ryan mccain grilled pig hearts, and cow penises; sacrifice. after that unholy trinity show...sweeeeeeeeeet.


[ Jul 11 05 : 1:39pm ]
I'm going to Florida on Wensday with my little sister and nephew to visit the folks. Most likely we'll be hitting up every disney park and universal studios.

[ Jun 21 05 : 5:39pm ]
james taylor rules.

[ Apr 18 05 : 10:20am ]
[ mood | naytastic. ]

I had an awesome weekend.. yesterday Kickball then went to Garret's BBQ
Saturday saw Amytiville horror.. gory and hilarious!

friday. Went to TJ's with the ladies; VEGAN PIZZAA!!!!! Went to the library- party afterwards.serena and i taught alex how to shimmie. alex's dance imitation of justin timberlake; priceless!

.. inspired by Larry Hopewell's the rachel boxes.

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[ Mar 21 05 : 5:29pm ]
Eu não receberei mais óbvio que isto. Deve ser estúpido se você não pode pôr os pedaços junto. Tudo sobre você é belo, quando sorri em mim eu siento-me como pular sobre uma lua. Se sente-se o mesmo meio; não esconde- ato sobre ele.

All the banks I went to today to open a checking out were assholes and didn't let me.


[ May 4 04 : 7:03am ]
i rule. school drools.

[ Oct 3 03 : 8:57pm ]

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[ Aug 29 03 : 11:06pm ]
ride with us.

[ Aug 26 03 : 8:50pm ]
Oh yeah today was my nephew's first day of kindergarden i'm so proud of him. They grow up so fast, it seems like just yesterday I was 12 changing his diapers.. Man i'm so fucken proud of him.

[ Jul 31 03 : 1:41pm ]
My mom left,oh yes.

[ Jul 3 03 : 8:25pm ]
aww yess my sister is coming back tomorrow this hybernation is over! No more fucking stress. Aww I'm so fucking happy; no more kids. This sucks that I work on weekends only.So yeah she's coming back then leaving the week after I guess I don't really know what's going on- psh fuck that. I'm soo fucken happy- Me and Leah are gonna watch Monsters Inc. with my nephew- because we're that cool.

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